What others are saying:

"I signed up for Nancy's coaching in the hopes of discovering (and clearing), the hidden reasons I couldn't break an income ceiling. And while I was already making decent money, I discovered some patterns that were keeping me from reaching my goals. In just 8 sessions, Nancy guided me in clearing out the internal blocks that have been with me for decades and my business has been booming ever since (doubled from an already healthy place)!

If you feel stuck, are under earning, or if you have unhealthy patterns with money and want to quickly clear out the energetic sludge that's holding you hostage, then working with Nancy is perfect! Sign up for one of her programs ASAP...you'll be so glad you did!"

-- Beth


"I hired Nancy to help me discover the invisible blocks that were keeping me stuck in a job I didn't like, with a salary that wasn't enough. As I started coaching with Nancy I was very skeptical. I was thinking of cancelling it, but a friend advised me to continue, suggesting I would have nothing to lose.

And it was true, I had nothing to lose, but win! And I won a lot! I had a lot of difficulties when we started the work, but now my world has turned 180°. I didn't believe in the whole thing, but it got me the results.

We had a lot of aha moments and I learned a lot about myself, my past and my situation. It helped me to open my mind to new paths. At the beginning I had financial problems and was scared to think about my goals and see what is really important for me. Companies call me to offer me work now - I got 2 lucrative long term contracts and I wasn't the one chasing them! I also fulfilled the dream to move to an another continent.

My view on the world has been completely changed and it is an amazing feeling that somebody truly believes in you and in your goals and thinks that these are all really reachable. Thank you for all the support Nancy!"


"I had no idea what to expect working with Nancy.  In fact, I had no idea that events from my life, including my childhood, were having such an impact on my ability to attract and effectively manage wealth in my life now.  

Nancy peeled back the layers and gently coaxed out of me key events or people in my life which were holding me back, and then helped me to acknowledge them and then  move beyond them.  

I am still taking small steps but I can now focus less on things that would have held me back before, I can celebrate small achievements in my life, and set bigger and more ambitious goals for the future which I now believe in.  I totally recommend a tapping journey with Nancy."

-- Caroline

"Somehow, early in my life, I made a decision to settle for whatever I could get, crumbs. Which created a life of barely making it. Living pay check-to-check. Never having enough. Settling for less than I was worth. When Nancy and I began working together, we clarified the patterns in my life that reflected these early events. I saw improvement from the very first session.  She was spot on! 
I have increased my income and continue to do so each time we work together. But most importantly, I have noticed a shift in my beliefs and confidence around money. Failures around work, that I felt ashamed about, don't have the same charge for me. I don't blame or beat myself up about these work experiences any longer.
One time, we worked on an area of money wounding from my childhood. That same day I was invited to a friend’s home for the first time and she lived right across the street from this first wounding around money! I got to see firsthand how powerful changing the energy around an event can be. Nancy has changed my life and I look forward to more change!"
-- Gail


I have had a severe problem with blood pressure and long after the time medication was expected to kick in, I was still suffering from dangerous spikes. With Nancy’s help, I found several subconscious, emotional correlations. Together, we cleared them, and suddenly, the medication began doing its job!

I believe the work I did with Nancy was as important, if not more so, to stabilising my BP and allowing the orthodox, western approach to work. Her work is powerful stuff. Nancy held a safe space for me, while together we identified old, stuck emotions. Her gentle nudges to explore further were supported by techniques to help release them at a core level.

I thoroughly recommend Nancy Banner as a transformational coach. She offers compassion, professionalism and a supportive nature, combined with knowledge and skills that she has honed with years of experience. Her sessions are nothing short of remarkable.

I have more work to do, but now I feel safe in my own body, instead of fearing for my life. For that I thank you Nancy!

-- Sandra





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