Hello Seekers!!

Happy Birthday America! - It’s time to celebrate Independence in the US and while I am not there to participate in all the traditional festivities, I am thinking a lot about Freedom.

I never really paid attention to how much I value my personal freedom.  Perhaps because I come from a country founded on the principals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

But the more I get to know my core beliefs (sorting out those that were thrust upon me and aren’t truly mine) and maneuvering blind spots that keep me from seeing the truth, the more I realize how deeply important Freedom is to me and how grateful I am for mine!

The freedom to create my own destiny.

The freedom to write my own paycheck.

The freedom to spend time with people who get me (and love me for it).

The freedom to show up as me, no matter what.

The freedom to choose my thoughts.

The freedom to feel all my emotions.

And so much more.

As humans, regardless of our home turf politics and doctrines, we all (every single one of us on the planet) have these freedoms, by virtue of the thoughts we choose.  Call me naive, but I believe this and here's why:

Our thoughts are energy.  The energy we focus on is the energy that shows up for us.  

“Yeah, yeah - I’ve heard it before Nancy.”

Try this:  

Even when it doesn’t feel like you have freedom, try re-focusing your thoughts and see if you don’t feel lighter for it.  Practice reframing your thoughts from a more positive stance and watch how the things you desire begin flowing in your direction.

Tiny example:

Turn “when will I ever catch a break!?”  into “I’m so excited to receive (xyz)!”

It actually is as simple as that.

Not that it doesn’t take practice to change a lifetime habit.  But you can.  It begins with becoming aware of your thoughts and the energy they're vibing.  Then reframing.  Miracles are made of this.

Give it a try!  And I want to hear about your experience!  Send me an email or comment on the FB or Insta posts.  



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