If something you've been wanting goes on sale, you make it a point show up, coupon in hand, right?  I offered a big discount last week and I don't want you to miss out!  


FLASH SALE to reignite your 2019 Goals

I can't believe we are on the verge of the 2nd half of 2019!  What about you??

  • Are you on track with your goals and intentions or are things beginning to stall?
  • Are you noticing old habits creeping back in and steering you off course?
  • Has a big 'ol rabbit hole diverted your focus?

I know ALL of these scenarios intimately!  AND I know they are rooted waaay down deep in the nervous system, through very old belief patterns you may not even be aware of.

The subconscious is merrily creating diversions, by whatever means necessary, to maintain belief patterns that probably aren't even yours to begin with, meaning you absorbed them (or had them jammed down your throat) from well meaning adults who simply didn't know differently.

Creating new, sustainable results often requires discovering and shifting said belief patterns so they stop blocking your success.  It's time to Turbo Charge the rest of your year!!!

I'm dedicating my calendar for the rest of the month to holding Discovery Conversations so you can get clear on what settling for mediocre (or worse) is costing you and offering the chance to pave your way to new and bigger results.

  • Maybe you have big money goals.  
  • Maybe you have big impact goals.  
  • Maybe you limit your goals to buffer failure.
  • Maybe you have hidden beliefs that signal success is unsafe. 
  • Maybe you limit yourSELF because you learned it wasn't safe to be seen or that your voice didn't matter.

If you've been curious about working with me, June is your chance to enjoy 25% off any of my transformational programs!!!   Let's chat to see if working together is a good fit.  Sign up for a Discovery Conversation now, before this awesome discount disappears!



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Obviously, this newsletter is based on my opinions as well as my greatest hope for the evolution of humanity.  Take it or leave it, as you wish.

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