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Forgive me - I didn’t mean to flood your inbox!  I hate when others do that, but since I sent you a gift I was really excited about and then found it had access issues, I simply had to send you the fix!

Now I’m back on schedule with something new to ponder and a special offer:


Do you ever feel like Maxwell Smart, where life is a never ending battle between Chaos and Control?  Perfect example in the first paragraph above!  🙈

I am so acquainted with that battle and I’m guessing you are too.  

I suppose this begs the question:  Who wants Chaos?  No one probably wants it, but when you embrace that it’s a means to an end, it becomes a viable choice.  I love the saying “with breakdown comes breakthrough” - or something like that - because it’s true.  There is no breakthrough without tearing down walls and barriers. 

Therein lies a case for Chaos.  That can feel pretty messy or uncomfortable, at the very least.  We are not in the habit of sitting with discomfort and so we grab for the nearest bit of control we can find.

Personally, I am a recovering Control Freak.  For me, that means I am trying to embrace the allowing of life to flow and trusting that Universe has my back, instead of trying to beat, manage and manipulate everything to fit within my mind’s ideas of what is.

And by the way, the mind’s idea of what is, is based entirely in the past.  The past is the only thing that the mind knows and can work with.  Leaps of faith are not part of the mind’s skillset.

So if I’m going to move beyond my current  (__fill in the blank__), I must allow what feels like Chaos, while my higher self and Universe conspire to bring me to a new place, new mindset, new worthiness set point, higher and sustainable income, (__fill in the blank__)….

Some days I’m better at it than others.

What if it doesn’t have to be a battle at all?  What if it could be more like a beautiful waltz, where there is balance from each?  Leading and following in graceful harmony.  Doesn’t that feel delicious?

I like this idea and when I allow myself to implement it, life is much much easier.  

What does your battle between Chaos and Control look like?

  • Are you gripping the reins with all your strength, terrified of the chaos? (think how much more energy you might have for the fun stuff, if you didn’t have to spend so much on Control).
  • Do you pine for a different outcome, but have been unwilling to do some demolition?
  • Have you simply laid down on the tracks and let the Control train flatten you?
  • Are you open to a balanced, flowing graceful dance instead?

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