Hi Nancy!

I was hanging out with some friends a couple weeks ago - music idols became the topic of
conversation and when I spoke about mine and we started playing her on Spotify, my energy really changed.  I felt charged with the stuff!!

Then, on a whim and because one friend LOVES to Google things, we ended up with 3rd row seats to see my idol live in October!  🤩

I felt like a teenager, completely giddy with the prospect!!!!  And each time I think about what it will be like to attend her live concert, sitting right up front, I feel that surge of energy all over again.

So my question to you, is WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP?  Can you remember the last time you felt that way?  That energy, that zeal and joie de vivre (defined as “exuberant enjoyment of life”) is what we are designed for.  It is our divine birthright!  It is our quest.

Next question is, how can you bring that same exuberance for life into your every day?  Are you clear on what makes you feel that kind of energy?  Most of us spend a minimum 25% of our precious, non-renewable time working.  Does your work light you up?  What changes can you make so that it does?

No matter your age, life goes by fast.  

  • Are you making the most of it?  
  • Are you charged with zeal, joy and exuberance or are your days humdrum (or worse)?  
  • Do you save up your zeal for vacation time, once or twice a year?
  • Are you happy with who you are, or do you think there is more of you that hasn’t yet surfaced?

It is possible to experience exuberance in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY, but if it isn’t that way now, then you must commit and you will probably need some shift in mindset.  

IT’S WORTH IT!!!  The upside is that the more zeal and zest you experience, the more of the same you attract - it’s a Universal law of energy.

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What lights me up (besides Cher)?  It’s helping others who feel frustrated and stuck - who know they are meant for more - get back in touch with their soul’s voice, calling and purpose, get out of their own way, so they can start living it!




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