Hi Nancy!

Happy New Year!!!  I hope this finds you as excited for 2019 as I am.  My feeling of hope is different this year than it was at this time last year.  I have systems and strategies poised to assist my intentions.  I'm ready for you 2019!!!!!!!



Recent reflections have brought me to the decision that life is fun.

Painful at times, yes indeed.  But the very pain we seek to avoid, offers the perspective of contrast and even gratitude (for when it doesn't hurt).  Learning that I may choose my experience - not accept being a victim - take the lessons and gifts from the pain - drop the story and drama and encourage my soul to be who/what she is - this has been a game changer!!!

This has shifted by view from life happening TO me, to co-creating the life of my dreams with purpose and intention.  This may sound cliché (and for younger generations no revelation at all).  But for Boomers and the immediate generation to follow (i.e. if you're in your 40's or older), we were not born with a sense of entitlement to these things and often told such thinking was unrealistic.

After six decades, I'm finally discovering myself, my purpose and my unique gifts. What a friggin' relief!!  I am now dedicated to searching myself and loving all facets - the parts I like and the parts that feel unlovable too.  I am noticing that the more I can be open to ALL of who I am, the more life, abundance and joy open to me.

Now that's a game changer!

I have so much to share and want so deeply to help others who feel stuck, less than, not enough or 'it's too late', find the source of that purgatory, shine a light on it and blast those beliefs to kingdom come.

Because the truth is, we are all here for a purpose that is (IMHO) massively bigger than we've ever allowed ourselves to dream. Perhaps you had a dream once upon a time, but "caring" others or some sense of responsibility persuaded you that it wasn't realistic or "fitting".

FTS!  This is YOUR rodeo - we CAN have it all - we can design it without compromise - we are powerful beyond measure!  How much longer will you wait before grabbing that bull by the horns for the ride of your life!?  It is NEVER too late.

If you know or even suspect that you are meant for something bigger, but can't seem to align with it or even see it clearly, my processes may help you the way they've helped me.  If this inspires you, let's chat!  





A Course in Miracles Made Simple (Alan Cohen)





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