Greetings of the Season Nancy!

Did you know I moved from the U.S. to Barcelona 3 years ago?  It has been an eye opening experience in many many ways and while there are some things I miss (mostly people), living in Europe is pretty freakin' awesome!

Managing Money Vibes

Following up on last months exercise - 'listening to our internal dialogue around money' - here’s one of my own recent discoveries:  

I feel blessed beyond measure.  I have everything one could want - safety, a loving network of family and friends, a roof over my head, a cozy bed, food in my cupboard, nice clothes on my back (and bulging from my closet and drawers).  And I am über grateful for this abundance in my life.

Which is why I haven't been truly aligned with my deep desire to create big income - I realized I'm holding a belief that it's greedy to want more, when I already have so much.  

But I do deserve to make a living.  I do deserve compensation for the life changing work I do.  And I deeply desire to help people in a big way - for every bit of healing we each do, so heals the planet.  My current personal task is to reconcile these deeply rooted beliefs that my desires are 'too big'.

Here’s another recent awakening:  I have a mentor who embraces, embodies and teaches women to own their feminine power.  I just realized that I have a conflict with that!  While I believe in it, I also have some strong shadow emotions (like guilt & shame) related to shining with femininity.  And while feminine power is a force, there are some aspects of femininity that seem weak to me (and heaven forbid I should ever be weak!)  😱

Looking ‘put together’ was heralded in my family, but “blending in,” not drawing attention, not being ‘too much’ was strongly encouraged - I was expected to contain myself.  All I ever wanted as a little girl was to shine and now I feel guilty for it, thanks to my programming.

But how can I help people if I am not standing out, shining brightly enough for them to find me?  How can I inspire others to own and allow their special sparkle, if I am not beaming mine?

Can you see how hidden beliefs can unconsciously control us?  We must find them and manage them instead, if we desire an outcome beyond them.

So 2 take aways from this:

1.  We all, no matter how much self-actualization work we’ve done, will always have more layers to uncover.

2.  I am making a commitment to mySELF, to stand out and shine more brightly in 2019.  And if you don’t think I’m doing so, I want you to call me on it!  And if my doing so feels triggering for you, take a deep look inward - what's my behavior mirroring in you?  What’s your belief system really saying?

As ever, if you’d like to explore the murky waters of your belief system, my doors are open and I’d be honored to put on my hip waders! 

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Wishing you a holidays filled with love, sparkle and generosity of spirit - see you in 2019!!! 

With Love and Tappiness™,



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