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Option 1 - 6 mos. 1:1 Coaching


Unravel the internal programming that keeps you unconsciously following others' agendas, so you can start living your best life on your terms.

(re)Claim your power on 4 Levels:

  • Experience a quantum leap in feeling grounded, safe, focused and present.
  • Channel rising energy of passion, desire, courage and creativity.
  • Gain the confidence to be seen, speak your truth and be authentic.
  • Experience a more profound level of self-love, compassion and a fearless heart, ready to give and receive love.


  • Womb through birth through childhood is experienced as REALITY, unquestioned truth, about you, people and the world.
  • It is not YOUR actual truth though - it is only your caregivers' truth, based on their experiences and their caregivers truth, passed from one to the next.
  • It becomes your "reality" and the foundation that all the your other levels of consciousness are built upon.

We will work in powerful, One to One, highly individual processes to firstly uncover and identify the hidden blocks driving your experiences, then heal and transform the way YOU show up in the world - so you connect with and own your full creative power and energy!

Program Includes:

  • 12  highly personalized 1:1 Coaching sessions via Zoom* (Average 90 minutes)
  • Call Recordings to (re)listen and anchor in your transformation between sessions
  • Private FB Page - Insights, inspirations, experiences & support between sessions.

*free online  conferencing platform

Modules 1-3 - Healing the Foundation of Power

Module 1: Healing the Inner ChildUncover and heal the root cause of the earliest nervous system wiring around fear, anxiety, safety and feeling wanted. Reclaim the right to be here and to have things.

Module 2: Healing the Body​Uncover and heal the habitual, learned ways we reject ourselves at the most basic body level, the damage our self-rejection and self judgement inflicts upon us and how healing it allows one to feel and experience being present in the body.

Module 3: Healing the Anxious PatternDiscover and shift the way daily and habitual stress (you may not even acknowledge), scatters our energy, focus and resourcefulness.

“I NOW UNDERSTAND...     how my nervous system has been wired to run automatically with fear and anxiety and how that drains my power and distracts my focus.

Modules 4-6 - Healing the Energy of Power

Module 4: The Power of VulnerabilityUncover and heal a childhood time when true needs and feelings became denied because it was not safe/acceptable to express or want them. Guided healing for profound emotional transformation and reclaiming the right to feel and to want things.

Module 5: The Power of AngerUncover and heal wounds and beliefs about anger and the shadow side of rage.  Gain new courage and authority in hearing, honoring and acting on our inner voice of unfairness, self-value and self-protection.

Module 6: Power of Life-Force EnergyUncover and heal wounds, beliefs and judgements about sexual/life force energy and open to more raw energy, fabulousness, charisma and creative flow.

“I NOW UNDERSTAND.... how to hear and move my anger because it contains the clarity and energy of courage and passion that I need to create my life.

Modules 7-9 - Healing the Power to Act

Module 7: The Right to Say NOHeal forward to uncover and embrace the anxiety/guilt cycle that stops you from standing up for yourself. Learn to recognize and react appropriately when you are being manipulated, or treated unfairly. Realize the cost of guilt and how it has robbed you of confidence, joy, power and voice. 

Module 8: The Right to ShineHeal forward to uncover and manage the the anxiety/shame cycle that stops you from taking action and standing out with confidence in yourself and your value.  Realize the high cost of self-doubt and shame so you can own your value and take action to move forward.

Module 9: Courageous AuthenticityDiscover and understand exactly how you can be triggered to self-doubt and retreat to old habits. Learn the costs to having that blind spot and learn to pre-empt set- backs to your new budding inner confidence.

“I NOW UNDERSTAND... who I really am, my true gifts and sources of power and how I block them.

Modules 10-12 - Healing the Power of Self-Love 

Module 10: Forgiving the Secret WoundLevel 2 forgiveness work to uncover a past event or person that wounded your power and whom you have refused to forgive.  Discover how much energy, loss and grief has been wrapped up in a continuing battle with this person and how profound healing happens when the feelings are voiced honestly.  Result – Major shift in energy, self-compassion and secretly held grief.

Module 11: Forgiving the Secret MistakeLevel 3 Forgiveness work to uncover and heal a past event that reveals an habitual “I should have known better” self-judgement which creates constant struggle to “earn and prove” your value, without ever feeling rewarded.  Result – having gratitude and continued respect for your value.

Module 12: Forgiving the Secret FlawLevel 4 Forgiveness work to uncover and heal the deepest self-rejection to bring healing, integration and the gift needed for true self- love and wholeness.  Learn how the denial/rejection of this shadow side has robbed you of the exact pieces you need to own your power and voice and to create your life with intention.  Result – Self-knowledge, radical self-love and a graceful step into a new phase of life, joy and living consciously, fully and undefended.

“I NOW UNDERSTAND... exactly how I blame myself and withhold the love, compassion and joy I deserve and how my critical mind closes my heart to feeling who I am and how much love and reward I allow myself to give and receive." 

Have you been banging your head long enough?

Option 1 Tuition:  $667 per month x 6 months or $3,497 Pay in Full



Option 2 - 90 Day 1:1 Coaching

CLEARING HIDDEN MONEY BLOCKS           (because how we are with money, is how we are       with everything)


Program Includes:

  • 6 1:1 Coaching Calls on Zoom* (Average 90 minutes)
  • Call Recordings to (re)listen and anchor in transformation between sessions
  • Private FB Page - Insights, inspirations, experiences & support between sessions.

*free online  conferencing platform 

SESSION 1 - DISCOVER YOUR REAL MONEY BELIEFS & FREE THEM - We can’t help what we ‘download’ as children, but we need to be aware of how it continues to play itself out, even now.  Find and clear deep layers of how and why you limit or sabotage your income and/or savings or create debt.  You will have major AHA moments that provide a far-reaching overview of blocks in your money picture.

SESSION 2 - CLEARING MONEY TRAUMA - This process shows how past “failures” are not only limiting you, but actually
perpetuating themselves.  Reclaim your self-belief, self-trust and confidence while releasing  massive energy and drive toward your new goals

SESSION 3 - CREATING OUTRAGEOUS GOALS  - What really stands in the way of going for the brass ring?  Uncover and clear limiting beliefs about being more and earning more, so you can open to bigger ideas and take inspired actions.  We are meant to expand!

SESSION 4 - MEET YOUR INNER SABOTEUR - Uncover and clear the self-created obstacles that prevent you from doing the very things that would create more receiving, more impact, more success, more money.

SESSION 5 -  WORTHINESS and DESERVING SET POINT - Are your hidden beliefs aligned with your mindset and desires or are they chasing them away?  Here you will open to more confidence, more ability to receive and (if you're an entrepreneur or seeking upgraded employment) more excitement and willingness to be SEEN, so you can market yourself boldly.

SESSION 6 -  THE VOW of Perfection - Always striving but never arriving??  Free yourself to be more open, more real, more yourself.

Option 2 Tuition:  $567 per month x 3 months or $1,497 Pay in Full



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Complimentary Session


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"I started working with Nancy after hearing great things from two women who were in her program and getting incredible results. It was a very big investment for me, but one I do not regret – it has shifted my life in such a massive and positive way, I absolutely believe I have gotten a return on my investment and then some. 

I liked that our sessions were structured, well organized in advance, and always seemed to focus on exactly what I needed that day. Nancy is an excellent listener, highly intuitive, and she kept a meticulous record of our conversations, enabling our work together to continue to advance. I loved her honesty and directness, too. She is gentle but firm, and stopped me when I started getting off-track in a way that would impede my own progress. Finally, the recordings she provided of our sessions have been useful tools that I can continue to access as often as I need to in the future.

Since I started working with Nancy, I have learned how to acknowledge my feelings – rather than run from them – giving them space and a voice, so that I can process them, listen to what I need, and eventually come out on the other side. 

I have overcome a massive hurdle in my 8 sessions working with Nancy and I look forward to continuing our work together!"



"I hired Nancy to help me discover the invisible blocks that were keeping me stuck in a job I didn't like, with a salary that wasn't enough. As I started coaching with Nancy I was very skeptical. I was thinking of cancelling it, but a friend advised me to continue, suggesting I would have nothing to lose.

And it was true, I had nothing to lose, but win! And I won a lot! I had a lot of difficulties when we started the work, but now my world has turned 180°. I didn't believe in the whole thing, but it got me the results.

We had a lot of aha moments and I learned a lot about myself, my past and my situation. It helped me to open my mind to new paths. At the beginning I had financial problems and was scared to think about my goals and see what is really important for me. Companies call me to offer me work now - I got 2 lucrative long term contracts and I wasn't the one chasing them! I also fulfilled the dream to move to an another continent.

My view on the world has been completely changed and it is an amazing feeling that somebody truly believes in you and in your goals and thinks that these are all really reachable. Thank you for all the support Nancy!"





To determine which package is right for you, click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Conversation

"I signed up for Nancy's coaching in the hopes of discovering (and clearing), the hidden reasons I couldn't break an income ceiling. And while I was already making decent money, I discovered some patterns that were keeping me from reaching my goals. Nancy's skill at surfacing and releasing the deepest layers of blocks about money, is astounding! After working with her for 8 sessions, my 6 figure income tripled - I tripled  from one year to the next...earning more than I had ever earned before! I can't recommend her highly enough!

If you feel stuck, are under earning, or if you have unhealthy patterns with money and want to quickly clear out the energetic sludge that's holding you hostage, then working with Nancy is perfect! Sign up for one of her programs'll be so glad you did!"


"I had no idea what to expect working with Nancy.  In fact, I had no idea that events from my life, including my childhood, were having such an impact on my ability to attract and effectively manage wealth in my life now.  

Nancy peeled back the layers and gently coaxed out of me key events or people in my life which were holding me back, and then helped me to acknowledge them and then  move beyond them.  

I am still taking small steps but I can now focus less on things that would have held me back before, I can celebrate small achievements in my life, and set bigger and more ambitious goals for the future which I now believe in.  I totally recommend a tapping journey with Nancy."


"I have been stuck in a painful pattern of not being hired for what my experience is worth, living from one paycheck to the next and unable to get ahead.  Nancy and I have been working together over a few months now, but  I saw improvement from the very first session.  She was spot on! 
I have increased my income and continue to do so each time we work together. But most importantly, I have noticed a shift in my beliefs and confidence around money. Failures around work, that I felt ashamed about, don't have the same charge for me. I don't blame or beat myself up about these work experiences any longer.
One time, we worked on an area of money wounding from my childhood. That same day I was invited to a friend’s home for the first time and she lived right across the street from this first wounding around money! I got to see firsthand how powerful changing the energy around an event can be. Nancy has changed my life and I look forward to more change!"

"Funnily enough the work / universe is really kicking in. Lots of work coming in all at once - I’ve doubled my rate on the next couple of jobs... they said yes!"