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Hi, I’m Nancy Banner.  Some people know me as Chef Nancy, founder of The Holistic Kitchen, where I worked with the Cancer community to transform an inflammatory diet, to one that supports holistic well being, before, during and after diagnosis.

I was so certain that diet was the key.

It’s certainly an important factor (especially in the US), and yet I know people who have done everything right and are still fighting and losing, battles with Cancer.

Fast forward to 2013, when I was feeling really stuck - everything I tried to grow my business wasn’t working.  I began questioning my mission and I continued to struggle with income.  

After another year of financial struggle, loss of confidence and doubt in my abilities and worth dragged by, I began a journey of introspection and personal growth.

I hired a coach who helped me poke and dig around long buried events - the kind we’ve all had and just pass off as part of life (the ‘school of hard knocks’).

We all have some form of emotional wounding in varying degrees, it's just part of life, but what we don’t realize, is how much unconscious damage the stuck emotions do, behind the scenes, driving our behaviors and limitations, affecting how we approach life - and often times effecting our health.

I began to see illness and disease as a message that couldn't be ignored; a plea to tend the emotional weeds choking out the flowers in the garden of our hearts.

And my own proof, after having done this deep transformational work, is that I’m no longer stuck, I’m on my way doing work I love, serving people, helping others transform and heal, with balance and ease!!  

This is why I am so passionate about this work! While I still believe in healthy eating, my mission is to help others access and illuminate their dark corners and emotional blind spots, to promote healing and expansion, so their are in charge of their healing journey.


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