Hi, I’m Nancy Banner.  I'm a Personal Empowerment Coach.  I am also the following:

  • Ballerina and Biker bitch
  • Cheerleader and Tattoo artist
  • Leather and Lace
  • Sandra Dee and Rizzo
  • Elegant Rebel
  • Champagne with a Tequila back
  • Poised and potty mouthed
  • The girl next door and 4x divorcee
  • College dropout and serial student
  • Freedom Seeker
  • Certified Empowerment Coach

As a baby boomer, I spent decades living by the rules of a bygone era.  Trying to be a "good girl", always striving for the success I dreamt of, but constantly blocking my own way, with beliefs that weren't mine (and finding ways to buck those rules by being the opposite of what was considered a "good girl").

Never feeling I'd ever achieve my version of "successful".

Never having the financial freedom to live my best life.

Constantly confused by my duality, constantly in the dark around my purpose and gifts.  One dead end after another.

My questions and confusion (and belief that I was meant for so much more) became so noisy and painful, that finding answers and clarity became an unavoidable mission.  It forced me to face myself.

So began my journey of introspection and personal growth.  I learned about the hidden layers of beliefs and emotional wounding that were driving my behavior and causing me to self sabotage.

After dozens of courses, programs and mentors, I finally learned that I was what was missing in the formula.  

I was living by a playbook based on others' paradigms, instead of connecting with my self  beneath the layers of programming.

We all have programming and emotional wounding in varying degrees, but what we don’t realize, is how much these unconscious, stuck emotions affect us, quietly, subtly, behind the scenes.  They drive our behaviors (and limitations) without our awareness; they create patterns that hold us stuck - repeating patterns - in relationships, in money, in health....

I now embrace my ALL of me - the parts I like and the parts I don't - because they are ME.  Even the shadow parts have gifts to offer, as long as they are loved and nurtured, rather than hidden and shamed.

This is a joyous and freeing way to live!  In fact, I've never felt so tuned, tapped in and turned on by life!

And this is why I’m so passionate about helping others on the journey back to themselves (in a much straighter line than my own), finding their own super powers, so they can BE who they truly truly are and create their own dream and life on their terms, even if they're not yet sure exactly what that looks like.



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